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O > OLIVETTI  > Prodest PC 128


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Olivetti  Prodest PC 128 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 17th July 2022
Emanuele (UK (originally from Italy)

My dad used to work at Olivetti and got me one of these when I was 4 (1987). Had my first experience with Basic on it. I swapped it for a 80286 IBM compatible after a couple of years but I remember crying a lot because I couldn''t play the games that were available on the C64! However it''s also thanks to this that I built my passion around computing. Proud to have been an owner!

Tuesday 6th February 2018
Andrea (Amsterdam, NL)

Hi! This was my first PC as well when I was a kid.
I learned coding BASIC from its HUGE manual when I was 8y/o... Here is the link for revival!$20Prodest128_manuale.pdf

Originally from Italy, now I am a developer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands focused on Node.js

Sunday 14th December 2014
Dino (Italy/Rome)

This was my first computer. it wasn'' t good for games but with it I have learned the BASIC programming.

Wednesday 19th December 2012
Gianluca (London)

As I lived in Italy, this was my first computer too.
I actually wanted to buy a Commodore 64, but in 1987 there were rumours that Commodore would discontinue it, so I bought the Olivetti. I remember I used my own money saved from tips, and I was only 13 !
I was initially dissappointed because the games were not a big deal. However I learnt how to program in Basic with this machine, and that helped me through all my career. I remember I wrote a cool program to plot mathematical funtions for the "maturitá" exams (A-levels / baccalaureat).
I stilll have it somewhere in the garage in Italy...

Thursday 11th November 2004
fabio (perugia-italy)

this is my first computer too. Now i work for video e graphics with high end computer and software but i never forget my olivetti prodest, sometime i play with it...

Sunday 29th February 2004
Andrea (Sarzana (SP-Italy))
La homepage de -Il Maestro-

It was my first computer, too. I have start my career of programmer from this. It was a good computer, but the Commodore was better in that years... it was 1986-7 but I have this computer also now...
It is my memento... :p

Thursday 27th November 2003
Fog76 (Italy)

This machine was the my first computer... i lean the art of programming...
For the italians : Qualcuno vuole vendermene uno ?

Wednesday 19th November 2003
Vanio (Italy)

This was mi first computer in 1986. Due to very low quantity of software available, i had to learn programming. So, greeting to this home computer, now i'm a good computer programmer!

Sunday 12th October 2003
Alby (Italy)

This was my first computer. Not bad 'bout technics but has not to much programs sigh :-(
Sorry if my english is not to much good but i do not speek english very well.
Now i'm affraid to have demolished it.

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