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S > SHARP  > MZ 700


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Sharp  MZ 700 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 13rd January 2018
''CABBIK'' (England)

The MZ-721 was my follow-up to owning a highly modified ZX81 (or as it was better known as ''the Sinclair Beirut'' due the extreme cooling mods).

Now this was very much a worthy sucessor to the 80 machines, carried all the best feature and added to it, had a decent keyboard and had a rarity feature (amongst home computers) of a fairly sharp drift free picture (the fact it, via RF modulator, had a high signal output helped no end, and if you had the pleasure of using it with a CV monitor, sharp as f*ck).

Sure, whilst there was a fair $ion of software (outside of the programming language cassettes), most never appeared in the UK via the sole supplier (Sharpsoft, in London). But, unlike many computers in the day, it came with a pretty comprehensive reference data set in the manual, so it acually encouraged you to tinker with assembly coding. In fact, my exam project for school was rapidly migrated from it''s assembler version developed on a ZX81 to the MZ721.

Of course, accessories were like hen''s teeth, but because it came with such good documentation, it wasn''t rocket science to build your own controllers for gaming and other uses.

I can remember how people laughed at the fact you had to load up Basic (or other interpreters), but it was no big deal - as a wise, older family friend passed on to me, all he did was start it loading, go make a cup of tea and by the time you carried it back to your desk, it was loaded ...

Painless choice, for those who''s idea of home computing wasn''t spoon-fed endless commercial cassettes fair. Oh, i almost forgot - mine got overclocked as part of my experiments... to a massive (back in the day) 16 Mhz, but that did involve some serious modding to make it happen - it taught me the value of inherent limits and that heatsinks were essential parts of a modding tinker demon''s kit.

Sunday 23rd July 2017
Tom (Israel)

As a young child we had a mz700 at home, today i enjoy loading the roms on my computer and see the difference between what i remember and how it is in reality :)

Can anyone help, i remember a game that you needed to manage or control a newspaper company
I might be wrong here, I don''t think we really understand what it really was but that''s the best i can tell.

I remember it was mostly text and white display.

Does someone know what i am talking about ? or something similar to that

Thank you

Saturday 19th March 2016
paul mackay (newcastle/australia)

I have a sharp mz700 complete working with manual and tape. if anyone is interested I would sell (otherwise it will be a new pc case for my computer)

Saturday 28th March 2015
Martin (Germany)
MAGs Android Apps

Me being in a Retro mood, I started re-coding some old MZ-700 games into a free Android app. Pity there is no real emulator so far.

At least Man-Hunt, Painful Man and Land Escape (so far) can now be shown to our minors to show them, where it all began...

Check out$com.gumhold.RetroRunnerMZ

Long live those "poor" ASCII-graphics :)

Hope you like it,


Sunday 20th November 2011
Stig Thyholt (Norway)

I have a Sharp MZ721 with Philips TP200 screen (green monocr) .
Database and text program and games.
Is this worth anything ? How much ?

Monday 5th September 2011
Svein Arild Hagnæss (Norway)

My parents gave me one of these, and I programmed it a lot. Made all sorts of games and databases, and of course played games. Still remember the cluttered BASIC code and RENUM was my favourite command, he he.

Friday 19th August 2011
Dave Reilly

My parents got me an MZ-712 about 24 years ago. It was the first computer I learnt to programme in (using S-Basic)... My mum threw the computer out a few years ago though (I still annoy her about this) so I never seen it again... I made loads of unique programmes on it and it was a quality piece of kit....

Thursday 4th August 2011
Kennet Hermansen (Denmark)

I believe I had one of these. I know we had a Sharp and it was in the early 80ies.

It had a built in tape drive and it looked a lot like this one.

I never learned how to program it though.

Mostly because I wasn''t very good at English at the time, so I don''t think I ever read the manual. It came with some rather interesting games though.

I eventually replaced it with a Commodore 64. Because that''s what my friends had. The Sharp might have been a better computer however.

Wednesday 29th December 2010
darren morris (United Kingdom)

This is Classic Computing....and i have still got a Sharp MZ 700 and Monitor of working order in my roof space..The printer still works but after 27 years its got a dry...

Thursday 2nd December 2010

i parents brought one of these computer for me and my brothers my grandparents were not happy about it because there own commodores 64 anyway i enjoy much more because i learn how to program in basic and yes the games were not great but here i enjoy clocking snake every time

Sunday 4th July 2010
John Whitworth

Re: Christopher Davies not wanting to press EXEC - it reminds me of my friend and I, typing in a game from a magazine on his BBC. We got the error $Type Mismatch at line 4000 or something. So we replaced line 4000 with: 4000 Mismatch. Took ages for the $Syntax Error at line 4000 to pop up! But we thought it was progress! LOL!

Sunday 6th July 2008
Anders (Norway)

This was my first computer that my famely bought when I was 5. So I have spent meny hour playing games on this machine. I still have it, and one game also. wonder if it works!!

Saturday 30th September 2006
Christopher Davies (UK)

This was my first computer. It took ages to boot as basic had to be loaded from tape. I spent ages typing in basic programs which used charictor based graphics. It was given to me for my birthday and when it said press EXEC I would not press it as i thought it ment delete or kill what I had just spent hours typing in.

Saturday 26th November 2005
David (Portugal)
Delta Fox Home Page

My first computer where I learn BASIC. Still working !

Friday 19th August 2005
Miguel (Málaga)

It was my second computer after a couple of years using a ZX81. I enjoyed it a lot and spent hundreds of hours on it. I learned BASIC, PASCAL, FORTH and FOTRAN using my Mz-731. I remember I made some programs based on Scientific American articles. The best one was to represent and move an hypercube using the plotter to render the hypercube in red & blue (one eye each) and using a red-blue glasses you could see it in 3D. I have just tryed it today after 20 years and it still works. Unfortunately my programs tape is lost.

Thursday 2nd December 2004
Christian Müller (Germany)
Brain Space

The Sharp MZ-731 was the first computer I ever got my hands on. My dad bought one in 1983 when I was 6. I was fascinated by the games and always wanted to write one myself.
In the summer break after 2nd form I started reading the BASIC manual and trying my hands at coding.

Now I'm 28 and studying Information Theory and Electronics in the 10th semester. I'm going for the finals this year.

If my dad hadn't bought that computer when I was little who knows if I ever got interested in computers at all.

Sunday 2nd March 2003
Justin Little (Australia)

I wanted a C64 but I got a Sharp MZ-721 and I loved it. I learned how to make my own programs in basic. Got a printer plotter for my next birthday. I spent hours on this computer. I spent a lot of time finding Pokes that would give me advantages in games. I got a better Basic tape that gave lots of extra commands. It was fun. Then the Commodore 128D came out cheap. So my MZ went into storage, sold it at a garge sale in 2000 for Aus$40.

Monday 28th October 2002
Cucal (Teruel)

Este cacharrito fué mi iniciacion a los ordenadores.
Mientras todos tenian Amstrad y/o spectrum, yo tenia esto, lo que hizo que tuviera que generar mis propios juegos.

Una maravilla de ordenador

Monday 25th February 2002
Thierry Schembri (Paris, France)

You will find everything you need about the Sharp MZ 700 at :

Monday 25th February 2002
paul hodson (newcastle upon tyne)

my parents bought an MZ721 as our first computer... we used it for games for a couple years, and it's been in the loft ever since. Would love to find an emulator with games for it.

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