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A > ACETRONIC > MPU-1000/2000


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Acetronic MPU-1000/2000 videogame system. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 18th April 2022
edi (andorra)

Good job. $a href$''''$pluto tv para pc$/a$

Monday 24th May 2021
Belle (United Kingdom)

hi we had acetronic MPU-2000 + one games any chance give price ?

Thursday 26th September 2019
Mark C (UK)

Forgot - my email -

Thursday 26th September 2019
Mark C (UK)

Hi (Bobby) - any chance that the service manual you have is for an Acetronic MP1000 - Radofin 1292? If so, any chance I could get a copy of it or buy yours? I''m looking for a schematic for my Acetronic MP1000..



Thursday 28th December 2017
bobby (SE London)

I Still have one in my loft. Plus a load of games for it. I also have a service manual by RADOFIN. Dated 20 August 1979.

Tuesday 7th June 2016
Darren (Australia)

I Found an Old "ACETRONIC MPU-1000" / "RADOFIN 1292" Game "SPACE WAR (30)" in with my VIC 20 Stuff!

It is Nooo Goood to me, so Anyone interested in Purchasing it for CHEEP???

Thursday 18th November 2010
simon tolchard (uk)

I still have one, boxed (and working) from when I was 8 or 9. My parents purchased it from "Laskeys" in Oxford I think.

Tuesday 21st August 2007
Tony White (UK)

I had an Acetronic MPU1000 in 1983 - when I was 9.

One of the best games was Othello - there were 99different levels and it was our family's target to beat the computer on level 99!

Some other memorable games were Olympics, Grand Prix, Blackjack, Shooting Gallery, Circus, Electronic Pinball, Super Knockout, Invaders, Space War and Laser Attack.

Shooting gallery was great fun.

Friday 17th February 2006
Olivier (France)

I think someone was working on it (Interton VC 4000 in fact), but it is not ready yet. Wait and see...

Friday 17th February 2006
Aeo (Spain)

Anybody knows an emulator for this system?

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