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E > ELWRO > 800 Junior


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the elwro 800 Junior computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 16th December 2016
Marcin Kazmierczak (Poland)

Please visit my website dedicated to Elwro 800 Junior only. I have the biggest collection of Elwro 800 Junior.

Friday 16th December 2016
Marcin Ka$$378$mierczak (Poland)

Please visit my website dedicated to Elwro 800 Junior only. I have the biggest collection of Elwro 800 Junior.

Friday 6th May 2016
Szymon (UK)

Just got myself one of these however, it seems like the 804 prototype looks somewhat similar to Olivertti Prodest, with the way they mounted the floppy drive :)

Friday 29th April 2016
Marek (Netherlands)
My Music Site

The funny thing is - they didn''t create a special encasing, but just utilised one from the electronic organ: Elwirka

Friday 13rd September 2013
Roma (St Petersburg)

Hello, help me please to find som information about
M-241/EC 8013.01

Wednesday 21st September 2011
Marek (Poland)

First, Elwro 804 was not similar to C128 at all, it was more similar to Didaktik Kompakt or Commodore 65/64DX (outside only).

Now about 800. After sending to school, there were many problems with these computers. Some units were damaged, some even not assembled!. You opened a box, and - Voila! Case, mainboard, power supply and screws, separately. Do it yourself :D.
Someone from Elwro finally explained how manufacturing tests of mainboard look like: They put a program in and leave it running for a night. If it hanged, let''s try one more time :).
But the biggest pain in @ss was a floppy drive. They used poor quality hungarian drives, which were destroying system disks! Finally Elwro decided to replace every floppy drive with Teac or Robotron device.
These hungarian drives not only destroyed system disks, but ruined network drivers. Drivers were loaded wrong way, giving unexpected results. My IT teacher remembers a situation, in which grabbing a screen from student''s computer resulted in hanging student''s Junior ~1 minute after teacher''s look, and after two minutes, causing network fatal error on teacher''s unit, freezing OS and entire network. The only way out: Reset everything in network.

The PC described by Maciek is probably Mazovia or Elwro 801/AT.
One more thing: When Elwro used all floppy drive cases from warehouse, they started to put these in Elwro 801/AT case, more than two times bigger than drives and their PSU.

Monday 11th October 2004
Tomasz (Warszawa)

I found some more technical specifications on Elwro 800 at:

If someone needs a translation from polish, I can do it in the next weekend (right now I suffer from a lack of time).


Thursday 2nd October 2003
Tomas (Swinoujscie, Poland)

I used to play with theese Elwro 800 when i was in high school about 15 years ago. It really worked and CP/M and the network (DIN-5 cables in a daisy-chain) worked marvelous. Comparing to the PC/XT that i had, it worked really nice and the games stored on 5.25'' floppies loaded in a few seconds contrary to the old ZX Spectrum tapes.
My informatics teacher MR. Stefan Sroka was a great fan of theese computers, especially LOGO which was his favorite programming language.

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