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K > KAYPRO > Kaypro 2x


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Kaypro Kaypro 2x computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 9th September 2019
Random Passerby

Glendon, the technical manual warns about using telephone wiring. The wire is too thin. So build a cable with at least 28-gage wire, no more than 12 feet long.

Wednesday 9th November 2016
Glendon Gross (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
The Clones Page

I just acquired a Kaypro 2X at the local used bookstore for $50. Although the keyboard was demonstrated to me in the store, I bought it without a keyboard cable and was wondering if anybody has one. Please email me at if you have one, thanks. I''ve tried making one from a handset cord without succiness. The machine does boot into CP/M.

Sunday 23rd October 2011
Bryan Walker (USA)

This picture looks like what I always referred to as a "New 2" - a machine that looked like the old 2, only with half-height DSDD drives.

There''s another 2X, only this one is gray and has both the modem and real-time clock. The one I currently have still keeps time, although the year went funny after 1999.

Tuesday 13rd September 2011
Bill Bathke II (us)
Rants $ Raves

I bought a 2X to modify, as I wasn''t sastisfied with the 10$ threw in a Seagate ST-225 (whose odd ''ratcheting'' noise as it started I still miss to this day!), some ''pigghybacked'' ttl chips on the decoder circuit to double the floppy storage, a pluPerfect Systems BIOS, and a MEG of ramdisk - don''t even want to think about what that cost$)

Monday 2nd August 2010
Steve Williams (Portland, Oregon)

I too still have a fully functional Kaypro 2X with all the original books and 5.25 program floppies$ even a copy of ''Rembrandt'' which at the time was ''the'' graphics program for CP/M based computers to have. I even still have the Silver Reed daisy wheel typewriter along with the ''little back box'' to connected it to my Kaypro and the modified copy of Wordstar that l used to print out letter quality papers. It''s only unidirectional and very slow (even for back then), but most of my Professors refused to accept Dot Matrix print outs. Not only did that computer save my butt in college (the only thing worst than my spelling was my handwriting) but having the only computer on my floor with a modem made me very popular with the engineering and computer science majors. I''m a recording engineer and cut my teeth on lowly 4-tracks learning to do the most with what I had. My Kaypro, being my first computer, truly served the same function allowing me to make the most of the advances in computer technology that followed. Did I mention it still works as well as the day I bought it?

Wednesday 30th September 2009

This computer looks interesting if i can find the schematics i just might built one (with modern parts mostly emulated). If you ever watch the show "King of the hill" this computer makes an appearance form time to time. Most noticeable in the y2k episode.

Thursday 10th May 2007
Paul Chaney (Muscoy CA USA)

I had a Kaypro 2X. I learned wordstar and all of the mous-less keystroke menus by heart. I really miss the place marker, the quick menu, the block copy, and paste-special functions in Wordstar. I miss the SmartKey` keyboard macro program. It was so simple and easy to use--like nothing else I have seen since. I devised a whole accounting system using DataStar, CalcStar and ReportStar--and I even devised workarounds for the bugs! I would just queue up a report to print, then go watch TV while my 22cps daisywheel printer churned it out.

Tuesday 28th December 2004
Joey D Sartain (United States)

Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke communicated with each other during the writing of the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)". They connected to each others computers over the phgone lines, both using Kaypro computers, and it is said that almost all the writing, for the movie, was done entirely on the Kaypro compouters.

Tuesday 28th December 2004
Joey D Sartain (United States)

I still own a Kapro 2x, and to my best recollection, the Kaypro 2x is identical ro the Kaypro 4, with the exception of the internal modem included with the Kaypro 4. I still have all the original books that came with the computer, along with a Letter Quality Daisy Wheel printer. (noisy)

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