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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Sinclair  MK 14 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 14th May 2014
Michael Butler (England)
Various technical hobbies...

I always wanted one of these when I started looking at Practical Wireless, aged twelve or so...even one hundred pounds was too much - a LOT of money nack then, I got fifty pence per week pocket money, lol.

Now I''m all Grown Up and Professional, I think it''s time I got one of these - great toy, plus good tool for Education too.

I have quite a few legacy bits and piieces...SUN SPACstation 2, VT220, 500MB dead heavy hard drive...primitive,, but so much better build qulaity than today. I''m hoping to make someswaps here, and finally get my own Mk 14.

Wednesday 6th March 2013
doug rice (UK)
MK14 tool chain

I used to have an MK14. Last summer I put a tool chain together using Paul Robson''s simulator and an assembler.

Assemble MK14 code and start the simulator with the code loaded.

Friday 13rd July 2012
Neil Barnes (UK)
Nailed Barnacle

The first computer I bought$ I''d just started work and couldn''t run to a Nascom... like all things Sinclair I believe I had to resort to legal threats to get the thing delivered. But I learned an awful lot from that thing - including designing a video card from scratch, after a lot of false starts, and a tape interface.

One odd memory was standing in Technomatic in London (Edgware Road?) for a couple of memory chips for it when a chap slammed the door of the shop open, rode in on a unicycle, spun around a couple times, yelled ''B***** me!'' and rode out again...

The MK14 is still on my desk at work.

Thursday 21st June 2012
D.A.T (Alex) (Greece)

...sorry forgot the link!

Thursday 21st June 2012
D.A.T (Alex) (Greece)

Sinclair MK-14 Replica. Trying to revive the original pcb (as close to original as possible!) Sorry only in Greeks but online translation will do the trick!

Wednesday 6th October 2010
Richard (Cheshire (UK))

I still have mine :) baught when I was 12...still have the manual too...

Before long I was modifying the logic, reducing power consumption $ adding my own chips glued upside down in the middle of the board. This tidied up the somewhat messy memory map ready for a memory expansion board that I never completed (Ram $ Rom). I also replaced the horrible membrane keyboard with better keyswitches $ added a full length heatsink to the overheating regulator.

I then completed a speech board, amazing my friends by making the MK14 burp $ laugh etc.

No-one pointed out that this was not actually a ''Sinclair'' product ??, rather the even older "Science Of Cambridge", headed by Clive himself.


Friday 4th June 2010
Bob Garland (UK)

I still have the muscle reflex in my arm from pressing TERM-MEM-TERM after every byte of Hex! I can remember entering the incredibly long Moonlander program of 100 bytes+ of code to play what would now be considered an incredibly tedious game.

Monday 29th January 2007
Graham Galbraith (UK)

I still have mine in working order, (2006). Mine is an earlier one than the one pictured and so had the much-reviled membrane keypad which most owners replaced within days. However, I can not stress enough how valuable this machine was - it made it possible for me to buy and learn about microprocessor technology when other machines costing hundreds of GPB were way out of my reach. What it taught me then, I still use now.

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