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Genesis 3

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 BC RACERS (32X)Core Design Limited, Sega 1995 
TAGScavemen - kart - racing
 BLACKTHORNE (32X)Blizzard Entertainment, Inter... 1994 
 PITFALL - THE MAYAN ADVENTURE (32X)Activision, Big Bang Software... 1995 
TAGSjungle - pitfall - platform
 RBI BASEBALL '95 (32X)Atari, Time Warner Interactiv... 1995 
TAGSbaseball - sport
 SANGOKUSHI IV (32X)Koei, Sega 1995 
 SPIDER-MAN - WEB OF FIRE (32X)Blue Sky, Marvel Characters, ... 1995 
TAGSplatform - spider-man - superheroes
TAGSbaseball - sport
 WWF WRESTLEMANIA (32X)Acclaim, Midway, Sculptured S... 1995 
84503 CHAOTIX (32X)Sega 1995 
84504 TEMPO (32X)Sega 1995 
84505 SPACE HARRIER (32X)Sega 1994 
TAGSshoot them up
84506 DOOM (32X)id Software, Sega 1994 
TAGSfirst person shooter
84507 AFTER BURNER COMPLETE (32X)Sega 1994 
TAGSplane - shoot them up
84508 STAR WARS ARCADE (32X)LucasArts, Sega 1994 
TAGSflight sim - space - star wars
84509 SHADOW SQUADRON (32X)Sega 1995 
TAGSflight sim - shoot them up - space
84509 STELLAR ASSAULT (32X)Sega 1995 
TAGSflight sim - shoot them up - space
84511 METAL HEAD (32X)Sega 1995 
TAGS3d - shoot them up
84512 ZAXXON'S MOTHERBASE 2000 (32X)Sega 1995 
TAGSisometric 3d - shoot them up
84518 KOLIBRI (32X)Amoeba, Novotrade Internation... 1995 
84520 T-MEK (32X)Atari, Bits Corporation, Time... 1995 
TAGS3d - shoot them up
84521 STAR TREK - STARFLEET ACADEMY (32X)High Voltage Software, Interp... 1995 
TAGSflight sim - space - star trek
84580 DARXIDE (32X)Frontier Developments, Sega 1995 
TAGSflight sim - shoot them up - space
TAGSmotocross - motorbike - racing
84601 VIRTUA RACING DELUXE (32X)Sega 1994 
TAGScar - racing
84602 36 GREAT HOLES STARRING FRED COUPLES (32X)Flashpoint Productions, Sega 1994 
TAGSgolf - sport

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