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Lynx/Lynx II

Alien Vs Predator (prototype)  

Believed to be based on the crossover comic books by Dark Horse Comics, it appears that AVP was in development when Atari decided to stop supporting the Lynx, a fact which is backed up by a screen in the game which gives the copyright date as 1994.

This particular version is in quite an advanced state, although it only features the Marine and the Predator. It would seem that the Alien had not yet been implemented in this version, but was to be added later in development as a playable character. This idea is supported by the fact that another prototype is known to exist which also features the Alien as a playable character, screenshots from which are at the Operation 9 site (see the link at the bottom of the page). It is believed that this version of the game is unique, and that only a single hard copy exists.

According to an article on Wikipeadia, it's unknown whether the version which contains all three characters was made before or after the version shown here. I would speculate that it is a more advanced beta version, possibly the final beta before a release candidate would have been completed, and is therefore a later version as it's unlikely that the Alien would have been removed at this stage. After all, if it was unlikely that the Alien would appear in the game, why was it's artwork completed to the same level as the other characters?

A very competent looking game, it seems to be a mix of first person shooter and a maze. The mission objective is slightly different with both the Marine and Predator, but in both cases you must find a bomb that is located on the Predator's ship. There are no enemies present in either mission, only a single Marine that wanders around the ship with you. Again, the fact that there are no Aliens anywhere to be seen would seem to lend weight to the argument that this is an earlier beta then the one which contains all three characters.

This title had plenty of potential and could well have been one of the Lynx's greatest games. It's a real shame that it remains unfinished.


    Alien Vs Predator (prototype) (year unknown) for the Atari Jaguar compatible systems
    Alien Vs Predator (1994) for the Atari Jaguar compatible systems


title screen

menu / options
character select screen. notice the alien is missing

screenshot from the intro, showing artwork for the alien and the predator

playing as the marine

status screen

playing as the predator

status screen

 Operation9 - Low quality images from the more advanced prototype. Notice the Alien on the chacter select screen and the different icon layout in the game screen.

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year of release unknown
companies Activision, Images Software
type game
media card
systems Atari Lynx
number of players 1 player
staff unknown
tags first person shooter, prototype

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