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Arcade video games


Many things can be sayed about pong. It is certainly a game which changed the video game industry.

Contrary to what most people think, Pong is not the first videogame nor it is the first arcade video game (Computer Space, 1971). It is however the first successful arcade video game which really started the videogame industry.

Instructions were simple: "Avoid missing ball for high score" and that was one of the main reason for its success.

However, the concept of PONG was not really invented by Atari. As a matter of fact, Magnavox was putting their new Odyssey home video game console in demonstration. On 24th May 1972, Nolan Bushnell (Atari founder) went to one of these demos at Burlingame, California where he signed the guest book and played the Tennis game, a simpler version of Pong.

The genius of Atari was to understand that this was the concept that they were looking for, and to develop a new "perfect" version with sound and increasing speed.


    Pong inspired Challenge (Arcade)
    Pong inspired Players Choice (Arcade)
    Pong inspired Supersportic (*multiple ports*)
    Pong was inspired by Table Tennis (Magnavox Odyssey)
    Pong inspired Table Tennis (Arcade)
    Pong inspired Table Tennis (Magnavox Odyssey)
    Pong is the prequel of Pong Doubles (Arcade)
    Pong is the prequel of Quadrapong (Arcade)
    Pong is the prequel of Superpong (*multiple ports*)
    Pong is related to Pong Doubles (Arcade)
    Pong is related to Video Olympics (Atari 2600)


    Pong (1975) for the Atari Pong
    Pong (1976) for the Atari Super Pong (C140)
    Pong (1977) for the Atari Ultra Pong Double



Early advert (march 1973)

Advert (june 1973)


The history of pong

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arcade cabinet

year of release 1972
companies Atari
type game
media arcade cabinet
systems Arcade
number of players 2 players (versus)
staff Nolan Bushnell
tags ball and paddle, sport, tennis

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