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Channel F

Robot War / Torpedo Alley  

This cartridge offers two different games: Robot War and Torpedo Alley.

Robot War

The field at the start of play contains 1 man, 4 robots and 4 electric force fields. The robots have only one goal: pursue the man. If during the chase, a robot collides with an electric force field the robot is destroyed. If the robot catches collides with the man, one force field is removed and the robot is repositioned randomly somewhere on
the screen. If two robots collide one is repositioned randomly.

The man can move freely up, down, left, right, corner to corner, and around the screen and does not have to worry about hitting anything except colliding with the robots. He can go off the edge of the screen and appear on the opposite side re-entering the field as if the field were round.

The man can trick the robots and lure them to their destruction by hiding among the electric force fields. The man can move diagonally but the computer controlled robots cannot. Therefore, when playing against the computer the man is able to out-run the robots by moving in the diagonal.

There is a 2-player mode where the second player can control the robots.

Robot War is based on the CHASE videogame released around 1975. CHASE was first published as a type-in game in the 1976 january edition of Creative Computing. This obscure videogame inspired many others such as Robot War here, and later Berzerk and Robotron 2084 to name a few.

Torpedo Alley

This naval battle game is largely inspired by arcade game Sea Worlf.

The field consists of two guns--lower left and right screen; a field of mines--center screen and 3 rows of ships moving across the screen. The bottom row of ships is moving the fastest, the middle row slower and the top row the slowest.

Torpedo Alley is a one or two player game. One player can play against time; two players can play against each other.

The players can position their respective guns left or right by moving their hand controller left or right. They also can change the angle of the barrel to fire in different directions.

If a ship on the lower level is hit 1 point is scored for the player who fired the shot. The 2nd row of ships is worth 3 points and the top row is worth 5 points.


    Robot War / Torpedo Alley was inspired by Sea Wolf (*multiple ports*)


ok, let's destroy those robots

only one robot left to be destroyed with blue electric fields

another round

round won, all robots destroyed!

Torpedo Alley - destroy the ships with your cannon

one destroyer sank!

you can shoot diagonaly

 Fredric Blĺholtz Channel F page - scans, pix and docs!

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Source : Fairchild System Gallery

year of release 1977
companies Fairchild
type game
media cartridge
systems Fairchild Channel F
number of players 1 - 2 players (versus)
staff unknown
tags naval battle

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